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Compete against other users, friends, and even your favorite streamer for cash!

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Compete directly against others in individual or team wagers!


Pick your streamer of choice and bet directly against them on their gameplay!

Streamers: Bet directly against your audience by predicting the outcome of your match!


Create a bracket style tournament with entry fee and prize allocation of your choice!


Bet on the winner or loser of a particular Wager or Streamer Wager!

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Our streamer partners

My name is MessiaH and I use Ewagers to challenge people to do the best they can to win! It's an exhilarating feeling being able to engage with my viewers directly.

I'm WeThePeople & I love Ewagers because it allows me to safely wager against my streamer friends & my viewers. Making extra money every month from winning wagers helps me pay some bills.

I enjoy Ewagers because it allows me to be the player I am today. To have the opportunity to play video games with stakes on the line is a pleasure. This has helped me to deal with the pressure.

our advisory board

Tom Goedde
Former CMO of DraftKings
Public Relations,

Carroll College

B.A. Speech Communications Theory,

Carroll College

J Moses
Director of Take Two Interactive

Harvard Business School


Princeton University

Steven Schnur
President of Music at EA

Berklee College of Music


Boston University

School of Music,
Business & Technology,

New York University

Ben Weinberger
Former CPO of Sling TV
B.A. Radio-Television Production,

Southern Illinois University

Co-Founder of Digitalsmiths

(Digitalsmiths acquired for 135M+ by Tivo)

Matt Jackson
CEO of Ultimate Gaming Championship
B.A. Architecture.

Southern Illinois University

M.A. Architecture,

Southern Illinois University

Peter Blacklow
Managing Director at Boston Seed Capital
B.A. Finance

Harvard University

Todd Stockwell
Partner Stockwell & Smedley, PSC (30 years)
B.S. Accounting,

University of Kentucky

University of Kentucky J. David Rosenburg College of Law

Mike Vorhaus
Founder of Vorhaus Advisors (Advised over 858 in deals related to Esports, digital media, streaming services)
B.A. Psychology/Sociology,

Wesleyan University