Frequently Asked Questions


Ewagers is an online Wager group focused on everything Esports! We are proud to offer new exciting forms of Wagers on the betting scene. Ewagers allows users to compete against other users, friends, and even their favorite streamer for cash. Rank up in the unique progression system, gaining new rewards and experience as you play. Currently providing services for Xbox One, PlayStation, and PC.

To get started, you’ll want to Sign Up. After signing up, select the type of Wager you would like to participate in. This page allows you view all previous and existing Wagers!

You can either create your own Wager or accept an existing one from another user.

Once you’ve accepted a Wager or entered a tournament, the entry fee money from each user’s account will be withdrawn and held in a combined prize pool. Users can communicate through the Wager lobby chat or by private message as they set up their Wager and get ready to win money!

After you’ve completed your Wager, you and your opponent(s) will report the outcome of the Wager. Once the score is verified, the winner’s account will be automatically credited with the winnings!

Users may register with any state ID. However, the IP address of a user must be from an eligible state to register. If you have already registered, you can log in from anywhere and place or join Wagers if your IP address falls within the eligible states.

Eligible states include Alabama, Alaska, California, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, Nebraska, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, North Carolina, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Texas, Utah, Vermont, Virginia, West Virginia, Wisconsin, Wyoming

If your IP address is from within these eligible sites, you will have full access to all betting features.

If your IP address is from outside of the eligible states, you may still log in and navigate the site, but will not be able to place or join any Wagers.

If your IP address is from outside of the eligible states and you have not yet registered, you will need to register from an IP address inside these eligible states.

It’s free to make an Ewagers account.

Ewagers does not process any credit card transactions. All transactions are done securely through the our partnered credit card processors.

All personal data is protected by our encrypted servers. We do not share your personal data.

You will only need to enable location services when accessing through your mobile device browser. This is because the law requires us to determine your location when using a mobile device.

To do this on iPhone, go to Settings -> click on your mobile browser (eg. Safari, Chrome), then find 'Location' and click on it. Choose the "Ask" option for Safari, or "While Using" for Chrome, then refresh your browser.

To do this for Android, please follow these instructions (will open in new tab). Make sure to refresh your browser afterwards!

If you are on another device, google is a great resource try. You can also reach out to our 24/7 support.

Game Rules


Wager: A direct gameplay competition between you and another user(s). Put on your headset and go win that cash.

Side Wager: A Wager placed only on a Wager in progress! Predict the winner or loser of the Wager. You can try to predict the winner, number of kills, score, etc. Another user can then accept that side Wager.

Streamer Wager: Streamers open bets on their stream through Ewagers. You take these bets they open, and bet directly against them! For streamers: this type of wager is only available if you have linked your streaming channel name to the Ewagers platform.

* Note should your stream crash while participating in a Streamer Wager you must have proof of the match results or be disqualified.

A Capped Wager is the ability to open a single Wager to multiple participants. By capping the number of participants, it limits the amount of risk.

e.g. User XYZ creates a Capped Streamer Wager with 20 entries at $5 per entry. This means the maximum potential loss for User XYZ is $100 should all 20 entries be filled prior to the Wager starting.

*Note: the user responsible for creating the Capped Wager can begin competing prior to having all entries filled.

To view our full list of games offered please click here

1. Create a Wager of your own, or join an available Wager or tournament. Once you accept a Wager you must follow through with it or lose the bet. The same goes for once your Wager is accepted.

2. Add your opponent as a friend on Xbox Live, PSN, or PC using their Gamertag or Username.

3. Go to the game mode where you can play a friend online. For example, the Battle Royale mode in Black Ops 4.

4. Send a game invite to your opponent.

5. Check and confirm the match rules and settings.

6. Start the match.

Make sure your screenshot and record all Wagers you participate in case of a dispute.

You and your opponent will join the same game as a Duo team and compete to score the most kills. The player with the most kills at the end of the game wins.

Kills While Downed: Any kills scored while you’re downed count towards your final score. Kills scored after you die do not count towards your final score (e.g. from traps, or someone that you knocked down bleeding out).

Tiebreaker: If you and your opponent(s) finish the game with the same amount of kills, both players' money is returned. You may either have a rematch or move on.

Interference & Obstruction: You and your opponent may work together to secure kills."Stealing" your opponents kills is allowed and part of the competitive nature.

Here are the things not allowed:

- Breaking or purposely weakening any vehicle that is actively being used by your opponent.

- Causing your opponent to miss shots.

- Ramming your opponent (killing them), blocking their shots with vehicles, trapping them (intentionally preventing movement)

Common things that are allowed:

- Attracting other opponents by firing guns around your teammate (opponent)

- Stealing loot

- Following your teammate (opponent).

- Crashing your vehicle if you opponent intentionally entered.

It is the responsibility of each player to ensure that their connection is suitable for playing online. Should a player disconnect mid Wager, they automatically lose the Wager. You may choose to rematch if desired.

After completing your Wager both users will report the score from the game. In the event that both players do not report the score, a “dispute” is created.

We take Esports very seriously at Ewagers and disputes even more so.

Disputes are almost always intentional. We have ask the user to confirm their score after submitting, making accidents very unlikely.

Example: You lost 2-0. You report that you won 2-0 out of gamers rage. This is a bannable offense and can have financial penalties!

Tournaments are excellent — less risk, higher reward, but more competition.

Tournaments vary between paid entry, free and sponsored. You can leave a tournament before it starts and your money will be refunded instantly (if it is a paid entry.)

Once the tournament starts, you will be notified and your opponent will be selected randomly. Make sure you make time for the Tournament in your schedule, should you forget and the Tournament begins you will be forfeited and lose your entry fee.

ESR stands for 'Ewagers Skill Ranking'. For Wagers and team Wagers, you will see an ESR for each member of the Wager.

ESR helps you determine the relative skill level of a potential opponent before competing against them for money.

This is so we can make your experience more competitive, fun, and fair. ESR also provides another way to show off your skill in a particular game.

All users start with an ESR of 300 for each game and can gain or lose ESR points depending on the outcome of your Wagers and the strength of your opponent.

Wins against stronger opponents will net you a bigger increase in ESR than wins against weaker opponents, and vice versa.

Though team Wagers is a fine way to gain ESR points, competing in solo 1v1 Wagers is where you will see the most change in ESR.

Side Wagers and streamer Wagers will continue to work with a win/loss percentage.

Generally, if you are in the 200-300 range, anyone you meet in that range will have a comparable skill level to yours.

Same with: 300-400 range, 400-475 range, 475-550 range, 550-600 range, 600-650 range, 650-675 range, and 675-700. The higher up you go, the harder it is to increase your ESR.

Increasing your ESR by 100 points if you are at 300 ESR is much easier than increasing by 100 points at 400 ESR. Keep in mind that the above ranges are mainly suggestions. As you Wager more, you will get an accurate feel for every ESR range's skill level in a game.

Wager Odds entice a player of a lesser ESR to accept a Wager against an opponent of higher skill. Higher risk and an even higher reward

e.g. User ABC creates a 1v1 Wager against User XYZ with an entry fee of $10 and a Wager Odd of 5. This means UserABC will have an Entry Fee of $50 (Wager Odds always apply to the Host of the Wager) and User XYZ will have an Entry Fee of $10 (5-1 Wager Odds in this example, the opponent will always have 1x of the entry fee when a Wager Odd is in place).

If all parameters in the example above were the same except the Wager Odds were 3 User ABC would have an Entry Fee of $30 and User XYZ would still be $10. (3-1 Wager Odds)

A Wager Advantage makes the playing field more even when an opponent of a high ESR competes against a lower ESR.

e.g. User ABC create a 1v1 Wager against User XYZ with a Wager Objective: Kills and a Wager Advantage: 4. This means User XYZ will get 4 kills applied to his final outcome. User XYZ ends the game with 3 kills and submits the result of 3. The Wager Advantage is automatically applied after submission giving User XYZ an outcome of 7 Kills.

Wager Advantages are always automatically applied, submit your results as normal, and do not apply the Wager Advantage yourself.

A Cumulative Wager Type is a sum of all match results. The user with the highest total at the end of a Best of Three or Best of Five will be deemed the winner. Remember to submit results after each round. If you have a Wager advantage present that will be applied to each round.

e.g. User ABC creates a Wager against User XYZ Best of Three Cumulative. This means three rounds will be played out with each result adding into the next round.

Round 1: User ABC gets 3 Kills, User XYZ gets 5 Kills.

Round 2: User ABC gets 7 Kills, User XYZ gets 4 Kills.

Round 3: User ABC get 5 Kills, User XYZ gets 1 Kill.

This totals the final result to User ABC with 15 Kills and User XYZ with 10 Kills. User ABC is declared the winner.


Ewagers takes 5% from each user’s entry fee (this is automatically deducted).

e.g. User ABC creates a Wager with an entry fee of $100, User XYZ accepts and a total pool of $190 is created. ($5 fee from each user)

No hidden fees. The service fee will be the only fee ever. You do not need a credit card to Sign Up, but you will need to connect an account to start Wagering.


You have to be 18 or older to Sign Up.

You can link your stream by going to Profile -> Click on the edit icon in your profile section -> Type out your stream channel -> Select the corresponding radio button.