Disputes / Rules

Reporting Results and Cancellations

  • As soon as the WAGER is accepted between Users, the users have 1-hour 15min to complete the wager.

  • If neither User reports a result within 1-hour 15 min of the WAGER’s confirmation, the WAGER will be labelled refunded.

  • These abandoned wagers are not recorded on a User’s profile and the funds from said wager are returned to each User’s account.

  • A wager can no longer be played when it is refunded. Both Users have the ability to challenge each other again, but it must be done under a new WAGER.

  • When a user in a direct wager reports the score, the opponent must confirm or counter the results within 15 minutes or the first score that was reported will be confirmed automatically. This is to prevent sore losers from not reporting their score.

General Site Rules

All rules apply to ALL EWAGERS WAGERS and users are fully responsible for being aware of this. They must comply with and understand all rules of EWAGERS.

The only rules used in the games are those that are agreed upon in the EWAGERS wager lobby. Any other rules that are put into the competition are not enforceable.

Unless the User creates Custom Rules, ALL Game Modes will be standard settings. If a User changes the settings without the competitor’s knowledge, then he will be DISQUALIFIED and potentially face a PERMANENT SITE BAN.

ALL Streamer Wagers need Users to live stream so they can create a Streamer Wager. If a User’s stream crashes during a Streamer Wager, then they will be DISQUALIFIED. Opposing users will be awarded all direct or capped Streamer Wagers.

Users are not allowed to compete against one another with custom users, rosters, or games. If a user changes a roster to give themselves a competitive advantage, then they will have to forfeit the game. Any changes made to users or rosters in custom settings could potentially cause an automatic forfeit or even a ban from EWAGERS.

Guests are not allowed during direct competition. If a user wants others to watch a wager he or she needs to have an active live stream. A stream delay of 5 min is REQUIRED.

We understand that some Users don’t have the highest quality internet connection. For this reason, LAG may have a negative impact on some wagers. If both Users have the capability to play the game, then the game will have to be played. Because lag varies, we have no way of knowing how bad it might be in an individual game. We urge Users to compete in wagers with minimal lag. If a User is found to intentionally lag by unplugging their internet connection in an attempt to give themselves a competitive advantage, then they will lose that game and potentially get banned from EWAGERS.

Any Game Mode labelled “Private” will be created by the host of the wager. These game modes will be played in a private match with the default settings. If a user selects private and changes the settings without the other user’s knowledge, they will be DISQUALIFIED. If the host selects private and competes in a public game they will be DISQUALIFIED.

Tournaments will not start unless they are at their maximum capacity. Should a Tournament reach it’s start date/time and it not be filled the Tournament will automatically cancel and refund each Users entry fee.

Disputing a Wager, Side Wager, Streamer Wager, or TOURNAMENT

Wager disputes are a serious matter for us. We always strive to provide all of our Users the best possible experience.

If a User claims that his opponent has broken a rule in a wager, then they will need to provide evidence, or the dispute will not be considered legitimate.

If both Users agree to specific settings of a wager on Squad Type, Game Speed, Controls, and Half Length, then those settings must be applied to the wager. The wager will be considered null and void if both Users do not agree on said match settings.

No User is under any obligation to play in a wager with settings that they have not agreed to.

EWAGERS does not recognize forfeits and does not allow any User to give a reason for winning a wager before that wager has begun. If a User attempts to claim a win for an unplayed wager, then his account will be reviewed and potentially banned from EWAGERS.

If a User is in the midst of a loss or a tie and they disconnect, quit, or exit from a wager, then that wager will cause a dispute. If the User cannot give evidence that would excuse their departure from the wager, then their wager could potentially be forfeited. Any User that exits, quits, or disconnects from wagers on a consistent basis will have their account reviewed and potentially banned from EWAGERS.

If a User reports a score for a wager before the wager has been completed, then a dispute will be created.

Users that are found reporting incorrect or incomplete final scores will have their accounts reviewed and potentially banned.

If found reporting inaccurate or forged information or attempted deception of EWAGERS, then the review will result in an automatic forfeit, the User will lose all of the wager, and their account will enter review, potentially resulting in a ban.

Users should not try to deceive their opponent or EWAGERS in any way. If they provide inaccurate or forged information, then they may have to forfeit their wager and face further consequences like expulsion.

Users will have the ability to submit a dispute after each round in a Tournament. If a dispute is not filed within 15 minutes the bracket round will finalize and the User with the higher value will move on. After a dispute has been finalized the Tournament bracket will continue normally.


EWAGERS Etiquette

When you’re on EWAGERS, treat your opponents with respect. We encourage all of our Users to participate in competitive banter, but also urge them to keep it reasonable. Any Users that are reported for abusive language will face consequences and might face a potential ban from the site.